10 Dog Breeds that Are Good with Babies and Kids

Having both dogs and babies at home may seem like tough work. Both require constant care and attention — you’ll always find yourself between chores. Sometimes, dogs might feel insecure and threatened when a new baby arrives in the family. This usually happens when a couple starts to have a family after enjoying their married life with just them and their fur baby for a few years. Dogs might even feel depressed with the sudden changes happening around the household.

Before the baby arrives, you should slowly introduce your dog to some changes they will eventually see. Couples can do preparations that will make the dog get used to the situation — then, upon the infant’s arrival, they are thoroughly prepared. Although you can do this with any breed, there are dog breeds that can easily adapt to this kind of situation. You may even find them immediately attached to the baby, accepting them wholeheartedly. The dog might be their older sibling or best friend, and these dog breeds might even be more overprotective than their parents.

10 Dog Breeds that Are Good with Babies and Kids

You don’t have to worry about the stress and hassle you will experience with these dogs and baby at home. These dog breeds are so friendly and warmhearted that they may treat your baby as if they were their own.

Golden Retriever

There’s no doubt that Golden Retrievers are great for families with babies and kids. A lot of families prefer the Golden Retriever as they are highly sociable and loving pets. They are easy to live with. On top of that, they are very playful — your toddler will immediately have a playmate at home. Goldies are also gentle dog breeds — you don’t have to get worried about your child being hurt when around them. More importantly, they are low-maintenance dogs, so you will not juggle so many chores between them and your baby.


Naturally friendly, the beagle is a perfect sibling for your toddler. They simply enjoy being around people, even babies. Couples can also quickly prepare beagles before a baby gets home. You have to help beagles get used to baby toys that will cause noise — so they won’t ever get startled by such changes. Beagles are playful yet calm dog breeds. Also, they come from breeds that are inborn pack members. For this reason, they are already trained to get along with others — they will treat any family member as a member of their pack.


This dog breed might seem aggressive or unfriendly, but they are one of the calmest breeds out there. Bulldogs can quickly adapt to changes around the household. You can’t easily annoy bulldogs; that’s why they are perfect for kids and babies. They won’t snap at your children when they disturb them with poking, grabbing, or any physical contact. You must slowly introduce them to the baby before they can interact closely.

Bernese Mountain Dog

They are among the least aggressive dog breeds you will ever encounter — making them good family dogs. The calm demeanor of the Bernese Mountain Dog complements a baby’s playful nature, and they are even willing to gently play and be patient around them. The Bernese Mountain Dog may be large, but The Kennel Club describes them as kind and devoted family dogs. Moreover, this dog breed is not aggressive but very protective of those he considers like family.

Labrador Retriever

The energetic Lab will easily match your child’s playfulness, and they’ll be buddies in no time. A Labrador Retriever is also naturally sociable, making them a famous breed for families. They befriend dogs and humans — Labradors are not picky with those they socialize with. The Lab is calm and collected; kids don’t easily annoy them. You just have to remember that they have large physiques, and if they get over-playful, they might accidentally hurt your child. For this reason, you have to limit close proximity for babies. Labradors tend to get too excited about showing their love and affection for the family.


A Pug is often quiet and barks very little compared to other dog breeds. You don’t have to worry about them creating noise while your baby peacefully sleeps. They only bark if the situation calls for it, such as threats. Pugs won’t put your child in danger, as they are passive and tolerant. You can even efficiently train them to socialize well with others. A pug loves cuddles, which are the perfect comfort for your kids. Once they become best buds, a pug won’t leave your child alone — they get attached and love to accompany their humans. Pugs will even keep them safe as a sign of their loyalty.


These gentle giants can be your kid’s sibling, best friend, or even their nanny. Aside from being water rescuers, Newfoundlands are often trained as babysitters. They are fun to be around and very loving to those around them. Children will need a gentle and kind companion — Newfoundlands have all those traits. Playing with children will also benefit the gentle dog because they require exercise to stay fit and healthy. Your kids will definitely be at ease around them. More importantly, Newfoundland are a task-oriented dog — making them suitable assistants at home.


Your child doesn’t just get a friend; they can also have a protective guard with a boxer around the house. Even though its name is boxer, this dog breed is actually gentle and loves to cuddle. They don’t show any hint of aggressiveness. Their playful and energetic traits go well with children — also keep babies entertained. Boxers get attached to the family, making them one of the most loyal dog breeds. In terms of quietness, these dogs rarely bark, so your baby’s sleep won’t be disturbed. Boxers are tolerant and patient dogs — they wouldn’t mind being around noisy children or lively toddlers.


Their small stature makes them perfect companions for little children. Papillons are easy to manage dogs since you can carry them around almost everywhere. They also have a sweet and gentle demeanor that won’t startle babies. A papillon may be small, but it loves physically stimulating activities such as agility and obstacle courses. Your kid will have fun and be entertained with a papillion around. Their love for these physical activities shows their intelligence, alertness, and capability to be obedient. You can easily teach them what to do and not to do around their human siblings.


One of the most obedient dog breeds is the poodle. Like the Labrador, they are known for being family dogs and are great with children. Their obedient demeanor makes them easy to manage and teaches them proper conduct. Poodles are also genuinely loyal to all the family members they live with. As bright dogs, poodles are easily trained, making them obedient. With their high stamina, they can match children’s energy while playing. Moreover, they can quickly adapt to changes that include a new baby in the house. Poodles have adaptive intelligence that makes them understand a child’s actions.

Testing The Waters

Take things slowly — help your dog adjust at their own pace. Changes may make them uncomfortable, so it’s best to be patient with them. Guide them throughout their process of absorbing the situation. They’ll eventually love the bundle of sunshine and express their loyalty as days go by.

Just remember to prepare your dog months from the changes that are about to come. Expose them to babies and kids with total caution. Dogs have different personalities despite being the same breed. Wait until your dog becomes familiar with your baby and see that they are not a threat to them. Aim to build harmony at home to give your baby the warmest family they would grow up with. It’s also wise never to level a dog and baby or young child alone together.

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