How To Adopt The Perfect Rescue Dog

There are plenty of reasons to adopt, not shop, starting with the reality that adoption saves a shelter pet’s life. (Two lives, if you count the next homeless dog or cat you just helped make room for).

But while adopting a dog always trumps buying one, it’s also important to find the right pup for your family. Some dogs require constant exercise, making them great for active owners, but all wrong for those who relish lazy mornings. Other folks want an energetic dog to motivate them on long walks and hikes. Last thing they need is a lazy dog who loves to sleep in.

Luckily for us, there are rescued dogs for every personality and lifestyle — but it’s important to do your homework before heading to the shelter. Check out our dog adoption guide below to see which rescued dog breeds are right for your family.

Popular Dog Breeds

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One of the best things about animal adoption is that you can save a shelter pet’s life and save yourself time and money. Many popular dog breeds are surrendered to shelters when their owners move or pass away, meaning that you can adopt a specific dog for a fraction of the price — and quite possibly get one that’s already trained. Learn more about America’s most popular dog breeds and where you can go to adopt them.

Best Dogs For Apartments

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Some aspiring dog owners believe that they can’t adopt a dog because they live in an apartment, but some dogs actually thrive in small spaces. And we’re not just talking about small dogs, which aren’t always suited for apartment life because they bark and annoy the neighbors. Check out our list of 10 Best Dogs for Apartments. Some of these dog breeds may surprise you!

Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Another myth of dog ownership is that people with allergies can’t own dogs. Luckily for these folks, a number of dog breeds are also hypoallergenic, making them ideal pets for people suffering from allergies or asthma. Here’s a list of 10 hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Velcro Dog Breeds

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All dogs are loyal –- they aren’t called ‘man’s best friend’ for nothing — but some dog breeds take their commitment to the next level. Check out our list of “velcro” dog breeds if you’re looking for a constant companion who will never leave your side.

Best Lap Dog Breeds

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Some dogs love to run and play fetch. Others love nothing more than to cuddle on the couch with their humans and binge-watch TV. If you’re looking for a pup in the latter category, you’re not alone. Read on for 10 Lap Dog Breeds who would love nothing more than to snuggle up with you at home.

High Energy Dog Breeds

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Athletes and active families are probably looking for a high-energy pup to accompany them on hikes, runs, and long bikes rides. Fortunately, these people have plenty of energetic dog breeds to choose from! One idea is to adopt a Weimaraner, which make excellent companions for active owners seeking a four-legged training companion who can go the distance. Learn more about Weimaraners and other energetic dogs for active families.

Low Energy Dog Breeds

There’s no shame in wanting to sleep in on Saturday morning, but if you’re thinking of adopting a dog, it’s important to find one that won’t insist on early morning walks. Fortunately, there are plenty of dogs who also appreciate lazy weekends waiting for you down at the shelter! Bulldogs and pugs are two examples of laid-back dog breeds that relish their down time.

Emotional Support Dog Breeds

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As we mentioned above, owning a dog can help boost your mental health. Dogs have been called “nature’s anti-depressants” for their ability to ease anxiety, stress, and depression. But some dogs seem able to sense when something is wrong, which makes these intuitive breeds excellent therapy dogs. If you’re looking to adopt a very good boy or girl who will crawl into your lap whenever you’re feeling blue, consider adopting one of these emotional support dog breeds.

Smart Dog Breeds

Smart dogs are easier to train because their intelligence and memory makes it easy for them learn commands. But don’t give up on training your pup just because he isn’t one of the smartest dog breeds. Every dog can be trained in time (and your adult shelter dog might already be trained).

Dog Breeds Commonly Found In Shelters

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Certain dog breeds are more likely to find themselves in the shelter through no fault of their own. Sometimes, it’s because breed discrimination thwarts their odds of adoption. In other cases, it’s a tragic consequence of overbreeding. In a heartbreaking twist, many of America’s most popular dog breeds also wind up in the shelters when their owners realize dog ownership requires regular walks and feeding. Meet 10 dog breeds commonly found in shelters.


Animal adoption can save lives, but adopting a dog is never a decision that should be taken lightly. Even apartment-friendly dogs and low-energy dog breeds require exercise and time outside, and its important to find a breed suited to your personality and lifestyle. But adopting a dog also comes with many benefits, including the knowledge that you helped save an animal’s life. If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, please consider animal adoption. The shelters are crowded with perfectly adoptable dogs just waiting for someone to give them a second chance.

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