Dog Born With One Leg Gets The Chance To Run For The First Time

Living life as a dog is not always fun and games. At times, they may even have struggles from the time that they were born. That includes the special dog in this story who was born without front feet. These days, she is part of a loving family and now, she can run!

When Halo the Great Pyrenees was born, she had a deformed back leg and no feet. Unfortunately, this precious pup was dumped along the side of the road in a cardboard box. The breeder considered her to be useless, but her life was going to take a turn for the better.

The founder of Safe in Austin Animal Rescue Ranch, Jamie Wallace-Griner, sees something special in every animal. In fact, she dedicates her life to helping dogs that need assistance, and Halo was surely in need of help. She knew that the dog was special and just needed some TLC, (along with some help from a team of designers).

After Jamie took Halo home, her son Jackson, a 10-year-old boy with autism, formed a special bond with the dog. Jackson has difficulty making friends but Halo was just what he needed. Watching the two of them play put a smile on his mother’s heart. According to the Washington Post, she said: “Halo is an angel. He touched parts of Jackson’s heart that I couldn’t even reach as his mother.”

Halo now had a forever home along with a best friend. It was more than this dog could have ever hoped for, but it was everything that she deserved. These days, Halo is able to play with other dogs at the park as well, thanks to a team of designers from OrthoPets. Their mission in life is to make custom prosthetics for animals.

Jamie was thrilled when Halo got her first legs but she thought it would take some time for her to get used to them. They were just planning on introducing the legs to her on one particular day, thinking that she wasn’t even going to attempt to walk. By the time the day was over, Halo was running!

I don’t know about you, but I love a happy ending! Watch it for yourself in this video:

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