Dog In Good Spirits After Someone Dumped Boiling Water On Him

No dog deserves to be abused, but we continue to hear that it is happening. One story that we are hearing now is that Jeffrey was rescued by the Suncoast Animal League after someone poured boiling water on his back. He was treated at the Blue Pearl Pet Hospital for severe burns.

“When Jeffrey was found, he was basically on the side of the road so we really don’t know that much about him,” said Karey Burek, a medical foster with Suncoast Animal League.

Jeffrey will need to wear the cone for a few weeks. They covered his wounds with bandages.

“He had a bandage change today and he now wears like half a shirt, but before his entire body was covered,” said Rick Chaboudy, Executive Director and Cofounder of Suncoast Animal League.

“In situations like this, nobody is going to come forward. Maybe if it was an accident, somebody would have came forward,” added Chaboudy.

Rick Chaboudy, Executive Director of Suncoast Animal League said they found Jeffrey under a tree in Highlands County. He was found and then they called animal control.

“His entire body was filled with infection and the worst of the burns were on the back of his neck and shoulder,” said Chaboudy.

Burek has been caring for the dog at her home. She is a medical foster. So far, the dog has received $12,000 worth of treatments at Blue Pearl.

“The Blue Pearl staff realized he does not have any leash manners. He didn’t know how to sit. He scarfed down his food so who knows when he had his last meal. He was the wild child basically, but very sweet,” said Burek.

Burek has cared for dogs in the past with severe burns. It included Denali, a dog that she adopted. She hoped Jeffrey is also able to find a good home.

“When he’s medically cleared, I would love for him to find the perfect forever home of his own where he knows he’s safe and doesn’t ever have to worry about being hurt or being on the streets again,” said Burek.

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