Owners Can Now Share A ‘Bark Light’ Or ‘Barkweiser’ Beer With Their Dogs

Dog-friendly beer has been a novelty idea for some time. There are plenty of companies that have been brewing their own versions of beer-like brews for dogs to enjoy alongside their owners. And now, Bud Light has joined the ranks of making pet-friendly pints for pooches thanks to the team effort with BARK.

The brewmasters of Anheuser-Busch have collaborated with the dog toy masters at BARK have come together to create the “7 pack.”

It’s similar to a regular Bud Light or Budweiser 6-pack, minus a few differences. For a start, there is an extra bottle space. But it’s not a spot for another “beer.” Instead, it’s where a special little treat goes: a plushy dog toy in the shape of a beer bottle. Both the toy and the dog beers also have the words “Bark Light” or “Barkweiser” written across them. It’s quite an adorable idea.

This means that dog owners everywhere can now enjoy a cold one with their pups, and that is definitely something to celebrate given the year that it has been. If you’re wanting to get your pup their very own “Bark Light” or “Barkweiser” beer pack, you can go to ShopBeerGear.com and the the 7-pack is available for $20.

But there is also the option on ShopBeerGear.com to purchase the items solo as well, meaning you can get your dog just the “beer” or just the beer bottle toy if you don’t want to get them the 7-pack. All bottles come in two different sizes. But keep in mind that these items are available only for a limited time, so if you’re planning a Christmas gift then you might want to hurry up on purchasing while supplies last.

What do you think of the dog-friendly 7-pack? Would you buy this for your pup? Let us know!

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