A Dog Became The Center Of Attention During A Brazilian Soccer Game When He Did THIS!

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During a championship match up between two Brazilian soccer teams, the game was interrupted when a cute and friendly dog decided to run across the field! Perhaps he wanted to showcase his paw-some soccer skills! No one minded the interruption though. Because, how can you even get mad at that cute face? It gave everyone a good laugh.

After a few minutes, one of the players ran over to him, but the pup didn’t make it that easy and kept running all over the field. Eventually he ran into a player’s arms, wagging his tail. They picked him up and ran him over to the official who brought him off the field. The crowd cheered and the announcer said, “Be good to an animal, to a dog. It’s the least a human being can do to give back for all that they give us.” He’s absolutely right!

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