Tiny Dog Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer Has A Beach Bucket List

Dogs make our lives complete, even the cranky pups.

Krystle Woodward and her husband Allen, founders of Pinky Paws ResQ, received devastating news about their senior Chihuahua-mix dog, Abby. Abby was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given two to three months to live. The couple was heartbroken, but wanted to make Abby’s remaining days the best they could be.

They decided to create a beach bucket list for 12-year-old Abby. The goal is to visit a different beach each weekend. Abby had a rough life until she found her current owners. She was surrendered in 2010 for having “issues”. The couple fell in love with her and kept her as one of their personal dogs.

Abby was always a cranky dog and would bite her loving parents when she had enough petting or for no reason. Krystle now wonders if her behavior wasn’t caused from pain. Before her diagnoses she became extra sweet and wanted to cuddle. “Not used to my Abby being loving. 💔 Gotta treasure our last days together,” posted Krystle.


Abby is a daddy’s girl and can be found anywhere he is, including when they are traveling in the car. Abby and her dog siblings have already been to multiple beaches in California. “Trying to take her to as many beaches as we can. Been to Pismo, Morro Bay, Pacific Grove, Seaside, Marina, Monterey, Capitola, Soquel and Santa Cruz. Wishing for Cambria and Tahoe.”

The little pup enjoys strolls on the beach followed by long naps. She is on two pain meds for pain that make her tired as well.

On the way home from the beach Abby is treated to her favorite foods like chicken, steak, and tacos. She helps place her order from her dad’s lap. She is being treated like a princess. The couple cannot think of the horrible day when Abby will cross the Rainbow Bridge. For now, they are living it up and enjoying every moment they have together.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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