Dog Becomes Instagram-Famous For Balancing Random Objects On His Heads

30-year-old Paul Lavery never imagined that his precious little dachshund Harlso would become a viral sensation. However, it turned out that the adorable little five-year-old dog had a secret talent: balancing items on his head.

Lavery first discovered Harlso’s gift after he put the dog’s squeaky toy on his head as a joke. Rather than lunge for it, the dog just stopped there, completely still.

Now, he dresses up in bow ties and does his tricks. The little dog has been known to balance everything from a globe to a glass of water, and even a stack of doughnuts!

This incredible little balancing dog has accumulated quite the following on his Instagram, with 167,000 followers.

Lavery shared, “I just thought, ‘Who is going to be interested in seeing these photos and videos?’ Harlso’s got his very own VIP fan club for the most dedicated fans and we get messages through from people wanting to meet him.”

“We got one message from a couple from Australia who said they were in the area and asked if they could pencil in a time to meet him and pet him,” he added.

Lavery is the one who photographs and videos Harlso doing all his balancing tricks. The items can vary quite randomly, like a bar of Toblerone, an eggplant, and a watermelon slice.

Harlso is also a well-dressed pup, with more than 300 bow ties that he can choose from when taking his pictures.

As Lavery explained, “We always try to match his bow tie to what he’s balancing on his head. We try to do themes for Halloween, Christmas and Easter too.”

Lavery also added that he only uses objects and tricks that are safe for Harlso, saying, “Anything long and tall we like to try and balance on his head. You can put pretty much anything on his head as long as it’s not too heavy and too dangerous. It’s amazing because when he was balancing things it used to surprise us, but he can balance almost anything and 99 percent of the time, he manages to do it the first time.”

Lavery also revealed that people often message him for advice, but he’s admitted that Harlso’s talents weren’t anything that he ever taught him, but figures they’re something he just picked up.

“I do not know how he does this, one day he might decide to just stop.”

Harlso has also been a 2019 Webby Award recipient that’s to his talents, as well as one of the Guinness World Records holder for “Amazing Animals.” Additionally, little Harlso took home Northern Ireland’s Social Media Personality of the Year, a very big honor given that he beat several other humans for the award.

Despite his success, Harlso has said that he’s still the same little pup he’s always been.

“He was always really bossy and a bit of a diva so the fame hasn’t changed him because he’s always been like that!” Lavery said.

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