Tiny Dog Destroys Everything That Comes Through The Mail Slot

Man’s best friend. That is what we call our dogs. And for the most part, they are the perfect companion. They are always willing to give us comfort when we’re sad. They know just how to bring smiles to our faces. They are the best cuddle buddies around. Our dogs actually listen to us and seem to live to make us happy. There is no happier dog than a dog that has made its owner proud.

But perhaps one of the sweetest things about dogs is their protective nature. Big or small, every dog wants to protect its owner. But there is one adorable pooch who takes his job a little too seriously.

In a hilarious video clip, one pup is seen attacking the incoming mail. As seen in the footage, as soon as the mail comes through the slot, the little white ball of floof is on it. He does his due diligence defending his home from such an evil intruder by shredding the mail.

It’s so cute and funny that you can’t fault him for trying to keep his home and people safe from what he perceives as a threat. Furthermore, it is also shown that he seems to understand who the mail carrier is, and watches the mail carrier intently from the window.

As soon as he walks up the driveway, the dog is already positioned by the front door and ready for attack.

Watch the feisty pooch in the video below:

Does your dog do anything similar? Let us know!

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