This Dog Was Attacked By A Porcupine And Treated By A Big-Hearted Vet. Thank Goodness I Watched Until The End!

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I cried when I saw the damage this poor German Shepherd mix had to her face and mouth. She had porcupine quills in her muzzle, nose, tongue and even the roof of her mouth. She was a stray and didn’t have anyone to help her. It made me so sick to see that damage done that I almost couldn’t watch the video – but I’m glad I hung on until the end.

Dr. Matt from Vet Ranch took her in and treated her for free. She’d had the quills stuck in her mouth so long she was beginning to starve. But once the quills were removed she ate like a horse, perked up and was totally normal. IT melted my heart to see her total recovery, and made me believe that happy endings really are possible. Vet Ranch even found her a forever home, so it’s a true fairy-tale ending for a very deserving dog who desperately needed some love and care in order to survive.

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