An Artist Bonds with Her Dog with Paint Brushes and Splashes of Color

Painting is such a beautiful form of art that can be for leisure or professional work. It’s amazing how painting allows artists to express themselves and transform their imaginations into stunning masterpieces. Aside from depending on their emotions, the artwork is often inspired by a muse. Most times it’s a person, an object, or a scene. For artistic pet parents, their babies often become their number one inspiration. They portray dogs, cats, rabbits, and even exotic pets in various painting styles. Pet parents also create their own versions of famous paintings and change the subject into their pets. Making artwork is truly a lovely way of immortalizing your beloved animals. They are worthy of being muses, especially when they are masterpieces themselves.

Photo: Instagram/Kate Tova

Fascinatingly, painting can also become a bonding activity between humans and pets. You can engage them in painting sessions to explore their artistic side. They can definitely do abstract artwork, and Toochi has tried it with her fur mom. Kate Tova shared an Instagram post of Toochi and her bonding over brushes, canvases, and splashes of paint. The adorable Toochi has a paintbrush in her mouth — ready to create a notable art piece. Their theme for that day was to paint each other’s portraits. While her mom was close to finishing, Toochi was still filling the canvas with pretty colors, and she actually did great.

Photo: Instagram/Kate Tova

What’s more impressive is that the dog knows how to hold a brush. Perhaps it might have been a result of observing mom while she paints eye-pleasing artworks. Based on the walls in the video, you can definitely tell that Toochi is one of Kate’s favorite inspirations. Who wouldn’t want to paint such a gorgeous dog like Toochi, right? Her beauty deserves to be turned into artwork — in different colors and strokes. Art is indeed a wonderful thing, as it also builds connections between humans and animals.

People were fascinated with the video that went viral on Instagram. Kate’s reel gained 1.6 million views, 153k likes, and 2k comments. Netizens filled the comment section with praises and love for Toochi. An Instagram user even gave her an interesting nickname, Vincent Van Dog! Other than cute nicknames, Instagram users couldn’t help but point out everything they loved about the moment. And if you feel the same way, you can show some love for Toochi and Kate in the comment section. You can also share the video with an artist friend who happens to have a dog as well. Painting can also be a part of their bonding — they might even start a group for creative dogs!

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