Golden Retriever Adorably Apologizes For Stealing His Brother’s Treat

I never grew up with siblings, so I never experienced the joys of sibling rivalry. But I did see it amongst my friends who had brothers or sisters. Apparently, sibling rivalry also exists amongst our pets, as so adorably featured in a video on Instagram.

Watson the Golden Retriever was caught out stealing a treat from his older brother, Kiko. The Goldie had to apologize to his bro, and that was the adorable moment that was featured in the video. It was perfectly captioned: “A dog’s way of saying sorry.”

The video starts off with the five-year-old Watson getting an interrogation for stealing Kiko’s chewy snack. His owner asked the pooch if he understood what was being said to him.

Watson reacted in a way that suggested he did, so the owner continued. After calling out Watson for his theft of Kiko’s treat, the owner said to Watson, “You ate Kiko’s chewy so what do we say when we steal someone else’s chewy? Do you know?”

This prompted the pooch to walk right over to the nine-year-old Kiko and give him an apology hug. The adorable Goldie placed his paws around Kiko’s neck and hugged him. It was just too wholesome!

After Watson showed he was sorry, his owner referred to him as a “good boy.” Kiko received the same praise.

There were plenty of comments from people who could not get over how charming the moment was between the two dogs. Others also marveled at how closely bonded they were as well. One person mentioned that they were possibly the most delightful canine pairing they’d ever witnessed.

But as much as people loved the video, there was still one critical question that needed answering: did Kiko ever receive a new treat in the end? His owner was pleased to put everyone’s mind at ease and confirm that he indeed got another treat. That’s really the most important takeaway from the story.

Watch Watson say I’m sorry in the video below:

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A dog’s way of saying sorry

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