Deployed Pet Owner Surprises His Dogs In The Middle Of The Night

Some of the best surprises happen when you least expect them. When one dog was going out to the backyard, he thought he was just going for a late-night potty break. What he didn’t anticipate was seeing his owner returning home from deployment.

Staff Sgt. Matthew Books had been on deployment since September of 2019. What was originally supposed to be a short, six-month deployment ended up becoming a bit longer. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out at the end of the year, Books’ deployment was extended to 9 months. As a soldier, he was well-aware of the fact that deployments come as part of the job, but he still missed his family as well as his dog. And his dog desperately missed him.

When it came time to finally return, Books was just excited to be getting back to his family, friends, and his dog. He didn’t care that he was going to be arriving late at night. Neither did his family, who were just thrilled to have him back. While Books and his family knew that he was coming home, his dog was completely unaware. Using this to their advantage, the family decided to surprise the pooch with Books’ return.

Photo: Youtube / USA Today

Thinking that he was being let out for another potty break late at night, the dog went outside to the yard. There, standing close to the side of the door was Books. The Golden Retriever was beside himself with joy at seeing his beloved owner again!

The reunion moment was one that was just so sweet! It’ll definitely bring a tear to your eyes. Watch it unfold in the video clip below:

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