Rescue Raccoon And Dog Become The Unlikeliest Of Friends

When June the raccoon was just a little baby, she fell out of her tree in the backyard of a woman named Bethany. Bethany discovered June after she followed the little raccoon’s cries out to the yard, where she found her covered in ants and tree bark.

She couldn’t locate the raccoon’s mother, so she took her in for the night. She cleaned her up and cared for her that night, planning to find her mother the next day.

Unfortunately, it was soon discovered that little June was all alone in this world, as it transpired that her mother had been killed after getting run over by a car. Bethany then cared for the orphaned raccoon and raised up till she was old enough to live on her own. Her initial plan was to rehabilitate the raccoon and release her back into the wild. However, when the time came for June’s release, things didn’t go so well.

June didn’t want to go back outside and live in the wild. She had grown accustomed to the creature comforts of being an indoor raccoon. And suddenly, Bethany found herself raising a pet raccoon. Apparently, what sealed the deal for June to leave her wildness behind was her unrestricted access to the sweet, sweet air conditioning.

Life got even better for the little raccoon when she ended up getting her new best friend. It wasn’t long after the foster fail, that Bethany decided to add a dog to the family.

She went and got Waffles, who she was a little apprehensive about bringing into the fold, unsure of how June would react. But Waffles was more than happy to introduce himself very enthusiastically, and he ended up winning over the raccoon instantaneously.

And now, they’re the best of friends.

Watch these two below:

June is now four-years-old and Waffles is three-years-old. They have their own Instagram page where you can follow along on their journey.

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