Dad And His Dog Have An Adorable Quarantine Exercise Routine

I think it’s safe to say that on the eve of December 31st of 2019, while most of us were raising a glass to toast the new year, none of us pictured a global pandemic as the big event that would dominate our 2020. But here we are.

Italian-based Silvio Siamo definitely didn’t see it coming, nor did he envision his very, very lazy dog, Sparky, turning out to be his very big workout inspiration. When Siamo went into quarantine in Italy, he was lucky to have his five-year-old mini bull terrier to keep him company.

Siamo shared with The Dodo, “Sparky is a lazy boy. He likes to stay with the family and be cuddled.”

Sparky definitely isn’t a fan of cardio, and he is well-known to often give up, right in the middle of a walk – leaving his dad to do the heavy lifting and carry him the rest of the way. However, during the pandemic, the little mini bull terrier has turned out to be a big workout influence on his dad.

Because Sparky himself hates to workout, he’s taken on the role of coach for his owner, keeping him focused by helping him stay fit through affection.

Siamo explained, “For Sparky, working out together is something fun. Usually, he puts himself nearby where he can wait for kisses during our workout.”

Sparky has figured out that when Siamo begins to workout, all he has to do is set himself up very close to Siamo, and all push-ups and squats that his owner ends up doing will result in the dog getting lots of affection through cuddles and kisses. It’s a fool-proof plan that works every time for Sparky.

It definitely is a routine that makes life on lockdown a little less anxiety-inducing for Siamo.

“In these days of the quarantine, we are constrained to stay at home and to pass the time we work out together with Sparky. [He’s] helping us between the cuddles and kisses to pass the days with serenity and to make us almost forget the emergency in which we are living in Italy,” Siamo said.

Of course, life in quarantine has been completely different for Sparky, who is more than enjoying himself as his favorite person is home all of the time.

Siamo said, “Sparky is happy because he is cuddled all the time. We play together, make video calls with friends, prepare cookies that he likes very much. When he is tired he goes on the balcony to lie down in the sun.”

Sparky has his own Instagram, so you can follow his quarantine adventures.

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