Dog Reunites With His Favorite Neighbor Who Had Been Sick For Months

There is nothing that is as heart-warming as a story involving a dog. Dogs are wonderful animals who are full of positivity and joy. It’s hard not to fall in love with a dog when you meet them – they’re the embodiment of happiness.

During the current coronavirus pandemic, many of us have turned to dogs for emotional support and cheering up because of their natural charm and comfort. However, there have also been some people who’ve been away from the dog’s company they enjoy so much because of social distancing reasons and lockdown restrictions.

That put a temporary halt on one man’s friendship with a dog that he’d befriended in his neighborhood. Paul is a scruffy white dog who had befriended a man named Chris when he was just a puppy. The two had a genuine friendship, and they would often see each other every day at their local Cumberland Farms, where Chris would be waiting with dog treats.

However, the elderly Chris then got sick during the start of the pandemic, and both Paul and his owner had not seen him for some time. Months passed, but, fortunately, one day when they were passing Cumberland Farms, there Chris was!

Paul was delighted to see his buddy and eagerly raced to give the older man a proper, sappy greeting. The moment was quite tender and adorable to witness. Fortunately, Chris is on the mend, and he was more than happy to get to say hello to Paul.

The moment left a lot of people on social media absolutely misty-eyed at the reunion. The comments were flooded with people reacting to the joy that was two best friends seeing each other after a long few months.

And, of course, Chris was waiting for Paul with dog treats! We’re so not crying…

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