Disabled Senior Dog On ‘Kill List’ And Abused Guinea Pig Help Each Other Heal

If you’ve read some of my previous articles, it’s not hard to figure out that I’m a huge animal lover. My favorite thing about animals is their gentle spirits. They always seem to find a way to recognize pain in others, and then try to comfort that person or another animal in need. It actually makes me cry. So you can only imagine how much of a weepy mess I was reading about Rex the Boxer and his furry friend S’mores.

Rex was a 10-year-old dog living on borrowed time when he was diagnosed with the painful disease known as degenerative myelopathy (DM) which affects his spine and leads to gradual paralysis. Rex was placed on the kill-list due to his illness, but was fortunately the “Leo Puppy Mill Survivor” rescue group stepped in at the last minute and rescued Rex from death.

Photo: Facebook / Holly Walthers

Holly Walthers runs the rescue. After taking in Rex, she found that he became very good friends with a fellow rescued boxer name Tyson who also had DM. Sadly, Tyson passed away a few months later, leaving poor Rex alone and very depressed. Around the same time, Holly had also rescued a little guinea pig named S’mores who had been in an abusive situation.

Photo: Facebook / Holly Walthers

When the two first met, there was an instant bond between Rex and S’mores. It didn’t take long for the two to become inseparable besties. Often, the two would be found cuddling and eating together. Rex, who is wheelchair-bound, always wanted S’mores’ company on his walks. In order to facilitate Rex’s wishes, Holly arranged for S’mores to get her own special pink cart which then got tethered to Rex’s wheelchair – how cute!

Photo: Facebook / Holly Walthers

While Rex’s disease is painful and only getting worse, it is a comfort to him to have S’mores by his side. She helps him face his difficult days. Holly is impressed by how much the two have bonded and how S’mores is such a support to the special needs Rex.

We hope that the two are able to enjoy a long and happy life together. They’re such a heart-warming pair.

Photo: Facebook / Holly Walthers

You can watch the two of them below on a very cute video:

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