Dog That Spent 900 Days At The Shelter Finally Finds A Forever Home

An adorable pooch named Leo was rescued a couple years ago by Linda Reynolds with the charity, Dogs Forever. At the time, he’d been scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter in Sioux City.

And now, after 900 days, the Iowa dog has finally managed to get his forever home!

As Linda said to the ABC affiliate, KCRG, “We said we would take him and I met the person that was transporting him in Webster City on Aug. 10, 2017, and brought him to Dogs Forever.”

After his rescue, Leo proved to be a troubled dog. He experienced a lot of difficulties forming connections with potential owners. However, that all changed when David Evens, from Urbana, met Leo.

Evens first saw Leo’s picture on the Dogs Forever website on Christmas Eve of 2019. That is when he decided to visit the dog. Following several months, Evens consistently went to visit Leo, as well as worked with a trainer in order to form a solid bond with Leo – making sure that he would be properly fit to take on the active dog.

Linda further added that Evens made all the necessary changes that were asked of him – including putting in a fence and buying a kennel for the inside of his home. She added that they asked Evens to work work with their trainer, Mike, for a month. However, Evens went on to work with Mike for three months.

Even though Evens was the one who adopted Leo, he told KCRG that it was actually Leo who provided the major shift in his life.

As Evens stated, “I went through a breakup and needed an animal to spend time with. No loneliness now.”

Evens isn’t the only one who has dealt with loneliness throughout the pandemic. There have many animal shelters around the country that have seen an increase in adoptions and fostering by people who wanted a furry companion to spend time with during lockdown. In fact, the CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, Julie Castle, had stated that if adoption wasn’t an option, fostering during the pandemic is a helpful way to help animals in need during the pandemic.

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