Puppy Narrowly Escapes Life of Abuse Thanks to the Woman Who Agreed to Take Her In

There are numerous cases of dogs being victims of animal abuse due to human rage. Even if those dogs never harmed them in any way, those humans just use them as an emotional dump. It’s saddening that some canines couldn’t find a way to escape such an abusive household. These animals are fortunate if their abuser is reported or if they can escape. For Luna, she was able to find a new family with the help of two women.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Luna’s current mom wasn’t her first family, and she would have been a victim of animal abuse if it weren’t for the mother in that household.

According to Kristina, Luna’s human parent, she got to know Luna through someone from a woman’s shelter. “A woman reached out to that shelter and said, ‘Hey, I need help.’ The woman was in a very abusive relationship, and her partner at that time got two puppies for her two children as an ‘I’m sorry’ present for being so abusive,” Kristina shared.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

However thoughtful the gesture is, the abuser threatened to harm the puppies. For this reason, the woman had to save those puppies from an undeserved and traumatizing experience. Luckily, Kristina was on the search for a dog to adopt when the woman was finding a home for them. Kristina agreed to see them; since then, Luna has become a huge part of her life.

“We are inseparable. The outdoors are very important. We’re always walking or hiking,” Kristina shared. Luna became her travel buddy and the confidant who could easily bring comfort just with her presence. They both came into each other’s lives at the perfect time. Kristina was having challenges in life, while Luna was in an abusive home — it was fate, and the woman became the bridge for them to meet. They are each other’s soulmates and definition of home.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Although Luna’s a happy dog, there are moments when Kristina notices some triggers. The dog doesn’t like shovels and will even try to attack them. She might be remembering things from the past whenever she sees a shovel. Kristina doesn’t know the reason for those triggers, but she’s there to help Luna get through it. Thankfully, Luna currently enjoys living with Kristina’s family, along with their farm buddies. They have horses, goats, dogs, and a bird — which all became Luna’s family as well.

Luna has so much affection to share that she ensures everyone on the farm feels loved. She cares for the horses and goats — Luna is Kristina’s excellent helper at the farm. The dog is a walking source of joy and love. Luna brightens the day of those around her, and she can also do that to your life. Follow her Instagram page to see her life on the farm. You might even get inspired by her story and adopt an animal to provide hope and a warm, loving home to.

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