They Left Her Tied Up For Weeks Without Food Or Water. When I Saw How Trusting She Was, My Jaw DROPPED.

This dog, named June, was left behind when her owners moved away. They left her in the house, tied up without food or water. It’s unknown exactly how long she was there for, but considering her poor health, it could have been weeks. She was extremely emaciated, had skin issues, and was very dehydrated. As soon as she was given water, she went crazy for it.

She was brought in to Vet Ranch and Dr. Karri started immediately to get June back to good health. When she first game in, she weighed only 36 pounds. Dr. Karri gave her a bath, got her rehydrated, and got some food in her. After some time, she almost doubled her weight! She also was treated for mange and her hair grew back and she was given a clean bill of health!

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