Senior Dog Abandoned After 10 Years With A Heartbreaking Note

Imagine the callousness that it takes to abandon your pet in the street after 10 years. If you’re wondering what kind of monster would do that, then you’re probably a loving and responsible pet owner. So it will undoubtedly break your heart to know that an elderly dog in the UK was abandoned in the street along with a harsh note explaining why.

The black Labrador was found outside the Jasmil Kennels in Upchurch, Kent, where he was tied up to the railing. The former owner attached a note explaining that after 10 years, they’d run out of patience with the dog and that is why they were choosing to abandon the senior pup.

The note stated, “Please can you take me in as my owner has abandoned me after 10 years because I have not learnt to be good so I have been returned here where he found me.”

Wanting to understand and get a better explanation as to why the owner decided to spontaneously abandon the dog now, the Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service is attempting to locate the former owner.

On their Facebook page, the service wrote that they would like to get in touch with the owner in order to better understand why the dog was left outside the Jasmil Kennels. The post further revealed that the dog was not chipped.

Concluding their message, they wrote, “If you recognize him and can be of any assistance, please contact the council in confidence or message this page. He will now be taken into our care.”

Following the Facebook announcement and doing further investigation, the shelter was able to contact his owner and they shared, “all is not what it first seemed.”

They were able to contact members of the owner’s extended family as well, who had no idea of the owner’s intent to abandon the dog.

As of now, the plan is to place the dog with the extended family he knows and is comfortable with and spend the last of his years in their care.

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