Draco the Doberman Expresses His Love in a Very Special Way

Dogs are family-oriented animals. They don’t only show affection to humans but also to their dog siblings. It’s an endearing moment for pet owners to see their pets get along. Those moments are picture-worthy and too cute not to share on the internet. Dogs will often express their love for one another through playing and grooming. Physical contact such as rubbing up, nuzzling, and nudging is also a part of their love language. Often, dogs become inseparable and tend to be protective of one another.

There are instances when dogs show affection, but it comes off as both hilarious and a bit of a rough play. Pet parents can’t help but worry if this hurts the other dog or not. Roughhousing is said to be part of dogs having fun, and it can only be dangerous if it goes too far. Some dogs have a weird way of showing affection — Draco the Doberman is the perfect example. The Instagram page Dog shared an Instagram reel from Draco’s account. In the short clip, Draco shows a unique way of being clingy — he bites the face of his Doberman sibling. He just encloses Katana’s face inside his mouth and stays for a few seconds.

Katana seems used to his antics and calmly lets him do his thing. The text on the reel was on point as it says, “He’s a 10, but he’s too clingy.” The caption also indicated that Draco’s clinger status is at stage 10. He is too adorable in his own way. One Instagram user commented on Dog’s post, saying, “Aww, he hugs with his mouth.” Which also makes sense — Draco just really does things differently. Dobermans might be perceived as scary dogs, but they are softies on the inside. Celine, their human parent, is also a known content creator and manages Draco’s Instagram page. She has an enormous love for her dobbies and is determined to educate more people about the breed.

The Instagram reel has currently reached over a hundred thousand views and likes. The contents posted on Draco’s account are equally funny, adorable, and informative. Celine and her dogs are also on TikTok, where they’ve has already accumulated 1.5 million followers. All of their details can be found on the link in Draco’s Instagram bio. For dog lovers like Celine, you can follow Dog and scroll through their collection of adorable and entertaining canines.

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