Do dogs mourn?

According to studies, we know that dogs do mourn the death or loss of human companions, or other animals. Grief is one of the simply emotions that dogs are capable of feeling, and some pet experts say that dogs may mourn as deeply as humans. Dogs who are mourning show similar behaviors as humans who are mourning. These behaviors include depression, increased levels of sleep and fatigue, loss of appetite and disinterest in play.

Dogs are in tune with their human counterparts, and also other animals. There are numerous occasions of dogs helping humans or other animals that are in danger or dying. Dogs have the capacity to feel and think, and act accordingly. When a dog loses a human companion or other animal that he was close to, he will often go through a period of depression and searching for the lost human or animal.

Different dogs grieve in different ways. Not all dogs mourn in the same way, and the way that they grieve is dependent on closeness of the bond between the dog and the person or animal who has died, life experiences, and how they were raised.

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