Do dogs have ESP?

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The debate concerning whether or not dogs have ESP (extra sensory perception) has long been debated by animal lovers and dog psychologists alike. Many believe that while dogs do not necessarily possess ESP, they do have the ability to sense certain things and form an unspoken connection with their owners. The most common argument for why dogs may have ESP is linked to health emergencies. Many times, it’s been documented that dogs have known that their owners were in danger, had cancer, seizures, migraines or other medical issues, well before the owner had any clue.

Many pet owners also cite a very intimate and personal connection with their dogs, which takes place without any verbal communication. There are countless stories of pet owners recalling how their dogs know exactly when it was time to go somewhere or do something without them having to give a command. Similarly, dog owners frequently report that their dog seems to be able to sense danger and warn them of impending trouble.

Additionally, many dog owners and dog psychologists suggest that dogs can sense some things that humans cannot. This notion is backed up by the alert dogs that help those with seizures, migraines and Parkinson’s “freezing” episodes. Some dogs seem to be tuned in to environmental and health factors, or be more sensitive to human emotion than others.

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