Do dogs have ESP?

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The issue of whether or not dogs have ESP is a hotly contested subject among scientists, animal behaviorists, veterinarians and dog owners. While many people have incredible stories about their dogs, some of which can even back up the claim that dogs have ESP, there is really no definitive or absolute evidence that dogs do indeed have ESP. For this reason, we cannot say if dogs do or do not have ESP, as we do not know what the upper limits of their capabilities are.

Supporters of the idea that dogs have ESP point towards the connections that man and dog have. There is an unquestionable bond between some humans and their canine companions. Indeed, some humans and their dogs seem to have a shared language that transcends words. Some dogs have also been known to show empathy when humans are sick or suffering, and other dogs have been known to sense when a human is in danger and act in a manner to save the human.

We do know that some dogs have sensitivity to sickness and disease. This is evidenced by interactions with their own species, and with humans. Dogs are known to be able to pick up on specific types of sicknesses, such as cancer and epilepsy. In fact, some dogs are so in tune to human sickness that they can predict when seizures will hit their owners.

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