Do dogs have a sense of humor?

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It’s hard to give a definitive answer as to whether or not dogs have a sense of humor. Many dogs are very playful and do countless things that make us laugh, but whether or not they are performing these acts intentionally is questionable. Most of the time, dogs do funny or playful things because their owners respond with positive reinforcement and praise. This would suggest that dogs act a certain way in order to get a specific response from adoring people, and not necessarily because they understand what they are doing.

This being said, many dogs are very intelligent, and even cunning. They are able to gauge a situation and act in a certain way to get a reaction from another animal or a person, demonstrating anticipatory thinking.

Dogs might also do funny or playful things to amuse or enjoy themselves. Dogs have the capacity to understand the concept of playtime and recognize when the play has been taken too far. This is done by picking up on cues such as an owner getting upset or the threat of someone being hurt. When you consider these facts, it’s not so difficult to imagine that dogs might also know when they are doing something playful and funny.

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