Do cats have sweet tooth receptors?

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People experience five taste sensations that are received by receptor cells on our tongues: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. (The latter is a taste specifically associated with high-protein foods and meats.) A cat’s palette of tastes is much more limited. They do not have the major protein in their systems that regulate for the reception of sweet flavors, so they are indifferent to that taste and thus do not have a “sweet tooth” as we would think of it.

Cats do, however, like things like yogurt and ice cream. These foods are rich in amino acids to which cats are naturally attracted as an integral part of their environment. Dairy products also tend to have a high fat content, which cats also like.

It’s important to remember, however, that most human foods are just that, human foods, and shouldn’t be given to cats. A feline’s digestive system is highly sensitive. If you have a cat who throws up regularly and there is no underlying health condition, the animal is getting rid of food that is irritating to his stomach.

Cats will do much better on high-quality food that has been designed for them, but they, like any living creature, will have favorites. In that sense they do have a “sweet tooth,” but for the actual sensation of sweetness as we know it, Fluffy will never fight you for your Snickers bar.

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