Do cats have ESP?

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If you’re looking for your feline to give you the winning lottery numbers, you best give up. Cats don’t have extra sensory perception, or ESP, but they do have uncanny senses and active little brains. Although cats do not learn the same way dogs do, they are highly intelligent and capable of abstractions. For instance, they clearly understand that objects continue to exist when they’re hidden from view. Any cat person whose beloved feline has watched kitty open the cabinet door to get at the kibble bag knows that to be true.

As small and highly evolved predators, cats get up in high, isolated places and watch. Their primary means of communication with one another is through body language, followed by a complex vocabulary of scent messages. They apply this same understanding to watching us, learning our routines to the point that they almost seem to wear wristwatches they know so exactly what we’re going to do next.

With highly acute hearing that trends toward the upper range, cats can also be highly perceptive. When a cat hears a human cry, they can accurately interpret the sound as one of distress and will try to offer comfort. In fact, adult cats rarely meow to one another. That’s a sound reserved for kittens. The fact that they meow at us all the time indicates pretty clearly how far they think we’ve evolved.

Cats do not have ESP, but they are among the best watchers and listeners in the animal world. Although they are not pack animals like dogs, and have no genetic need to please, they are devoted to their humans, and we are their primary objects of study.

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