Do cats display jealousy?

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Yes, but in their own feline manner. Anything that changes the cat’s routine or means less attention or food for them can cause jealous behavior. Remember, this species does not like surprises. Cats are happiest when they are on a set schedule.
Changes in the household routine – such as the addition or departure of a person or pet – or the arrival of a baby – can result in with angry hissing, growling or swatting. A cat may also stop eating or engage in excessive clinginess, inappropriate urination, aggression or even anorexia.
The best way of dealing with jealousy is to reduce the amount of distress your cat is feeling towards the new situation.
Slowly introduce the new addition into the home.
• Keep a new cat in her own room at first and allow supervised, friendly interaction under the door. The animals will be able to smell each other’s scents but not directly interact. Buy new toys and items for the new cat so that she doesn’t go for the resident cat’s items.
Alternatively, you need to help the new cat adjust without further raising jealousy. Let them trade places. Put the resident pet in the secluded room while the new pet explores the house. If the resident cat is particularly territorial and struggling to accept a new pet, try using a product that mimics a cat’s facial pheromones.
• Introduce the new dog to the cat by holding the dog on a leash and letting the animals gently sniff each other.
• When you are about to bring a baby home, wear lotions and baby powder beforehand to accustom the cat to baby-related scents.
Shower your cat with affection. If she is displaying jealous behavior, it is probably because she feels lonely. Although it may be difficult to spend as much time with your cat as you did before the new addition, it is important to do so to stop the jealousy.
Sometimes, despite all efforts, your cat will not stop her behavior without medication for anxiety and stress. In that case, bring her to the vet for a checkup and blood work; he or she may suggest bringing the cat to a behaviorist.

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