DIY last-minute dog Halloween costume ideas

I love celebrating holidays, and I am always keen on sharing the day with my little pooch, Oliver.  “Surprisingly,” he loves the attention he gets around Halloween and Christmas when he gets special doggy treats and toys and is dressed to the nines in themed holiday apparel.

My budget is a little tight this year – as it is for most people. I’ve decided I am going to do things a little differently I want to create a custom costume for my little guy.

Creating a Halloween costume should be fun and painless. Look around your home and collect items that can be used as “props” for your dog’s Halloween costume.


Do you have a spare bandana? Wrap it around your dog’s neck and pick up a cowboy hat at your local thrift store. You can usually find mini guitars and mini cowboy hats (for the little guys) to complete the outfit at a dollar store.


Pick up a red doggy t-shirt or fit a t-shirt to the size of your dog. Pick up a few pieces of black felt fabric, black pipe cleaners, medium-sized black pom-poms a black headband that will fit around your dog’s head. Cut the felt fabric into small round pieces and hot glue them or sew them onto the t-shirt. Form two pipe cleaners into the shape of a candy cane and glue them to the headband. Glue a pom-pom to the end of each pipe cleaner. Let the costume set overnight so that the glue dries.

Rock star

Your dog is your little rock star, so why not dress him up like one? Find an old wig and cut to fit the size of your dog’s head. You can stitch it back up so that it is the same circumference as the top of your dogs head. You can also make a yarn wig with this simple tutorial from Go to your local dollar store and pick up “rock star” props like chains and bracelets to equip your dog with the proper accessories.

Sew it!

You can also head over to to find free patterns for your dog’s Halloween costume. They have designs for everything from costumes of your favorite Star Wars character, to an adorable grape and corn outfit that will have everyone taking a second glance.

If you choose to dress up your dog, make sure he is comfortable and safe. Keep a watchful eye on your pooch to make sure he does not ingest any portion of his costume!

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