DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Dog: Part 2

Have you seen the previous post with costume ideas but didn’t see one you liked? Not to worry, here are a few more ideas to think about when getting your pup ready for those Halloween parties!

Starbucks Drink

starbucks puggle




Printout of Starbucks Label or Green Marker

Plastic To-Go Mug Cover

Hole Punch



  1. Find a piece of cardboard and cut it so it is long enough to wrap around your dog’s stomach and wide enough to fit between her front and back legs.
  1. Punch two holes on each end of the cardboard and thread some string through each hole and tie the string at the end to secure it to the cardboard.
  1. Paste on the Starbucks label in the center of the piece of cardboard, or draw it with the green marker.
  1. Take the mug cover and punch a hole on each side opposite each other.
  1. Measure a piece of string long enough to wrap around under your dogs chin and connect with the mug cover, but don’t make it too tight.
  1. Tie the ends of the string to the holes in the mug cover making a little hat with a chinstrap for your dog.

All that’s next is to slide the hat on over your dog’s head and wrap her up in the cardboard coffee cup sleeve and tie it under her belly to secure it in place and you have the cutest latté ever seen.

Ballet Dancer




Piece of Cardboard (for measuring)


Velcro (sew-on or stick on)

Spool of 6 inch Tulle


  1. Use the elastic the measure around the waist of your dog, or wherever you want the tutu to sit on her. Do not stretch the elastic to fit around her.
  1. Cut 2 inches less than you measured to allow for stretching of the elastic.
  1. Attach the Velcro by sewing or sticking a 1 inch piece to the ends of the elastic. Remember you will have a hook piece of Velcro and a loop piece of Velcro. These should be attached at opposite ends of the elastic as well as opposite sides of the elastic. Sewing the Velcro on will be more secure.
  1. Wrap the tulle around the cardboard multiple times and cut the tulle at only one end to make strips. The cardboard should be half the length you want the tulle strips to be.
  1. Lastly, attach the tulle strips to the elastic, but only on half of the elastic. You do not want to have any tulle underneath your dog on her belly where the Velcro will attach together. Here’s how to attach the tulle

a.  Connect the elastic to make a band

b.  Find the middle of the tulle by folding it in half

c.  Slide the middle under the elastic

d.  Make a knot by pulling both ends of the tulle through the loop

e.  Pull the ends toward you to tighten

Once you have attached the tulle, you can go back and attach more for extra fluff to the tutu. Now your ballerina dog is ready to tiptoe down the streets on Halloween.






Tan Felt

White Felt

Red Felt

Hot Glue


Elastic Headband

Small Circular Mirror


First, we’ll make our stethoscope:

  1. Cut two circles about 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter out of the white felt.
  2. Cut a rounded rectangle out of the tan felt that will fit onto the white circle. Also cut a small square with the tan felt that will fit onto the rectangle.
  3. Cut and even smaller heart out of the red felt.
  4. Glue the heart onto the tan square, glue the square onto the rectangle, and glue the rectangle onto one of the white circles. It should look like a Band-Aid on the white circle when you are finished gluing.
  5. Cut the ribbon the length you want the stethoscope to be.
  6. Loop the ribbon around the center of the headband and glue together to hold in place.
  7. Sandwich the ribbon between the two white circles, don’t forget to have the Band-Aid facing out, and glue together.
  8. Use hot glue to wrap strips of felt, whatever color, to the ends of the headband to look like earpieces.
  9. You may need to tie a piece of string to the ends of the headband to make a loop to be able to slide over your dog’s head, so you will have a stethoscope necklace.

Now, for the headpiece:

  1. Make sure the Eleatic headband fits around your dog’s head comfortable. It should go around your dog’s forehead and under her ears.
  2. Attach the mirror to the headband.

Your little doctor will be ready to hit the streets and help all in need.

There they are, three more ideas to help you with doggie Halloween costumes. If you try them out, please feel free to post photos of your dog dressed up in the comments section. Happy Halloween!

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