How To Transform An Old Table Into A Fancy Dog Bed

Have you started to run out of things to watch on various streaming channels because of the current COVID-19 pandemic? As a result, are you finding it difficult to keep yourself entertained at home? This is the perfect opportunity to get crafty with some good old-fashioned DIY projects.

DIY projects are great for keeping busy as well as making something that will hopefully bring a bit of fun to the decor of your abode. And if you’re a dog owner, now is as good a time as any to repurpose some old furniture that you may have laying around in order to make your beloved pet a brand new bed!

No, this won’t require you to go outside. Most of us probably have some old furniture sitting around, such as an end table, so why not give it a new life by “up-cyling” it into a wonderful little four-poster dog bed?

There is a video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to do it. First, you flip it over and start spray painting. Before long, you’ll have an elegant-looking little dog bed all ready to go. While the woman in the video tutorial opts for a more classic black and white look, there certainly is no rule against putting your own spin on the color scheme – it’s all about creativity after all!

Watch the video below:

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