How To Make An Advent Calendar For Your Pets

We’re well past Halloween at this point and we’re moving full steam ahead towards the Christmas season. The most wonderful time of the year is always full of good tiding and joy that we share with those we love. And that includes our pets.

The Christmas season isn’t just for us to enjoy, but for our pets as well. It’s not the same if we don’t get them involved in the fun. And what better way to get our pups into the holiday spirit, than by making them their very own doggie advent calendar?

We’ve all enjoyed an advent calendar of our own at some point. Some of us might have even eaten all the chocolates at once, then just close up the windows so no one would suspect anything.

But this doggie advent calendar is much different, and it uses dog treats. And the best part is this DIY advent calendar is so easy and doesn’t require sewing.

The items you will need are green felt cut into the shape of a tree, as well as 24 dog treats. Once you have the outline of your tree, cut out the shape and begin to measure the spaces between the treats. You can use the leftover green felt bits to make and measure little pockets in which you place the treats. You can glue these pockets to the felt, then once they’re dried you can slip in the treats. And of course, don’t forget to decorate it and make it pretty! Then let the holiday fun commence!

Check out the full tutorial below:

What do you think of this advent calendar? Would you make one for your pets? Let us know!

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