Divers Approach a Whale Shark. When I Saw They They Did At The End, My Jaw DROPPED

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This whale shark swimming in waters near Mexico was in obvious distress after being stuck in a large rope, which was cutting deeply into his flesh. People were diving aboard the Solmar V at Roca Partida, near Socorro Island, nearly 250 miles south of Baja, Mexico. When the divers noticed this whale shark and knew they had to rescue him.

Caught on a Go Pro, you can watch the video of the amazing rescue below. The dive guide, Dave, approached the shark from the front while the other dive guide, Dani, swam from above. Dani cut the ropes loose, setting the shark free. You can see the scars from the rope, which looked pretty bad and makes it clear that the rope has been there for a while. The shark slowly swims away and can now live without pain!

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