They Were Diving In Costa Rica When They Found A Manta Ray In Need Of Help…Watch What They Did To Save Her!

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These divers were exploring the waters at Bat Islands, Costa Rica, when they received an unexpected visitor. A giant manta ray approached them, seemingly asking them for help. As she got closer, they noticed that she was entangled in rope from a fishing net that was cutting into her flesh. Instead of swimming past them, the manta ray stuck around, as if she knew the divers would be able to help. So, of course they did just that!

Diver Brian Thompson began to unwrap the thick rope from her body while she stayed still. Once the net was off, she still didn’t swim away. She stayed in the area around the divers for a good half hour before swimming away. This was definitely her way of saying thank you! Thank God these divers helped save this beautiful manta ray. Now she can swim freely without pain!

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