A Genetic Condition Makes This Kitten Look Different, But Rescuers Were Still Determined To Save His Life

When the Friends for Life Rescue Network first learned about Pinocchio, the tiny 3-month old kitten suffered from an upper respiratory infection, an umbilical hernia, a congenital defect that left his face and jaw in misalignment.

But this volunteer-run non-profit organization, which is based in LA but rescues unwanted pets from streets and shelters across the country, was also founded on the premise that every life has value. Rescuers didn’t think twice about caring for the kitten, who arrived at the shelter covered in fleas and so emaciated that he resembled a kitten half his age.

Photo: Facebook/Friends for Life Rescue Network

“He was extremely hungry and scarfed down two cans of food which was a ton for his little body,” the rescue’s founder, Jacqueline DeAmor, told Love Meow. After his meal, a bath, and some much-needed medical care, the rescue’s newest arrival settled in for a long, leisurely nap under the watchful gaze of his new caregivers.

Photo: Facebook/Friends for Life Rescue Network

Before long, the kitten was thriving in foster care, where Pinocchio finally got quality food, proper care, and safe, comfortable environment that helped his tiny body to heal. When the kitten started to feel better, he started walking, purring, and gratefully cuddling the humans that gave him a second chance at life, often reaching out one paw to signal that he’s ready for petting or snuggles.

Please welcome Pinocchio to the rescue! Pinocchio was rescued a few days ago from an owner who has not fixed their…

Posted by Friends for Life Rescue Network on Friday, June 19, 2020

“He’s so excited when I walk in the room and loves to play,” DeAmor said of this playful and affectionate love-bug. “He is rambunctious, curious, playful, and very sweet. He loves to run around and chase jingly balls.”

Pinocchio is so friendly, in fact, that he doesn’t even mind going to the vet, which isn’t always the case among felines. Rescuers are planning to take the kitten to see dental and neurological specialists who can provide this sweet boy with the medical care he needs.

Photo: Facebook/Friends for Life Rescue Network

Meanwhile, little Pinocchio is growing into a sweet, confident, and healthy cat who doesn’t even know he’s different than other kittens! “This little goober is as playful as can be,” his foster mom said. “He is gaining good weight and eating all his food like a champ. Things are looking up for Pinocchio.”

Find out more about this cute rescued kitten in the video below!

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