Family Reunites With Their Lost Dog After Shelter Blindly Guesses His Real Name

A family is thrilled with the fact they have been reunited with their lost dog, even after they had given up hope. There is also a twist to the reunion.

Diesel went missing three months ago. His owner tried to find him at the Humane Society but they didn’t have his dog.

The family thought that they had lost Diesel for good but a friend looked on the Humane Society’s website and saw their dog.

What is even more surprising is that the Humane Society gave him the name Diesel.

Photo: WTHR

“His name was Diesel before he came here, and we gave him the name Diesel,” said Sharon Shea.

“I called the humane society, and at the time they said they didn’t have him,” said Diesel’s owner, Emily Swiggum. ‘I found out – my best friend came to the garage sale and told me that she saw him, and I was here, in like . . . right away.”

“This is just one of those things that you say, ‘this almost never happens,'” said Shea.

Diesel has been reunited with his family and they are showering him with lots of love.

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