Her Cat Went Missing After 12 Yrs Together. 18 Months Later, She Checked Her Shelter 1 Last Time…

In June 2015, Iris Estrada Samaniego’s cat, Diego, went missing. She searched everywhere for him, but to no avail. As the months went on, she thought she’d never see her furry little best friend ever again.

She has had Diego for 12 years, so going on without him was extremely difficult for her and totally heartbreaking. Last week, something told her to check her local shelter one last time. When she looked, she saw a cat that looked just like Diego. She rushed their after work to see if it was really him, and it was!

It’s been a year and a half since she’s seen Diego, so her reunion with him was very emotional. She held onto him tight and cried tears of joy. She was ecstatic to have her best friend back. This was the best Christmas present she could’ve ever asked for! This just goes to show that you should always have hope and keep the faith!

Watch their emotion reunion in the video below:

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