I’ve Never Seen Rescuers Work This Tirelessly To Save A Puppy’s Life! Have You?

In Detroit, a tiny puppy cried out for hours on end after becoming lodged in a drain pipe beneath a house. While his mother was inside, pacing, awaiting his return, rescuers worked for HOURS uncovering the tiny puppy.

They dug beneath the house, layer upon layer, until they reached the pipe, but the puppy was deep inside. What were they going to do and how were they going to get to him without making the situation worse? This rescue is so incredible, I had to watch it while clinging to my own pup.

It amazes me how people put their own lives on the line without a second thought. Animal Cops Detroit is an incredible show! This is just a fraction of what they do. And luckily, this time, they had help from the community. Wait until you see the ending. I jumped out of my seat and clapped! Yay for selfless rescuers!

Video courtesy of the World Animal Awareness Society.

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