Lost Dog Survived 65 Days Alone In The Arizona Desert. Her Human Thought She’d Never See Her Again

A woman named Rose was driving her RV on the highway with her beloved pup when all of a sudden her tire blew out, causing the RV to roll. The dog, named Ily, was thrown thought the windshield. Ily survived but was so afraid that she ran off into the Arizona desert.

Rose got hurt in the accident, so she wasn’t able to search for Ily right away, so her community stepped up to help her. Two months later, Ily still wasn’t found. Everyone assumed that she didn’t survive, but Rose kept her faith.

During those two months, volunteers had been scoping the area and hanging out near a baited cage, listening on a baby monitor for any nearby dogs. On the 65th night, a miracle happened! They heard a bark on the monitor, which wound up being two dogs. One of them was Ily! The other dog who she was with was a stray who helped keep her company while she was missing.

Amazingly enough, after two months on her own, Ily managed to survive off water puddles and whatever scraps she could find. Her reunion with Rose was so heartwarming and it was all caught on film. Ily’s new friend, who they named Buddy, was also rescued! Watch the reunion in the video below:

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