Pit Bull Ban Overturned In Denver After More Than 3 Decades

A vote took place recently in Denver in which the city decided to overturn the ban on pit bulls. Although the vote has not yet been certified, the city’s election division shows that over 65% are in approval of it.

The ordinance that stopped people from owning pit bulls in Denver was put in place in 1989. A number of people had been attacked during that time, which led to the ruling.

In February, the City Council voted to end the ban, but Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed it over concerns of what would happen if someone was hurt after pit bulls were allowed again.

Replace Denver BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) went on Facebook to call it an “absolutely historic win.”

The requirements for pet ownership have already been published, even though the repeal isn’t finalized until January 1, 2021.

There are limits of two pit bulls per household and the owners must get a special permit. In order to receive a permit, the animals have to be vaccinated and microchipped. If a charged dog bite incident does not take place within three years, the restrictions may be dropped.

Between 1984 and May 1989, some 20 people in Colorado were attacked by pit bulls and this led to the ordinance being enacted. In October 1986, a three-year-old was attacked in Denver and the child died.

NBC affiliate KUSA of Denver reported that a spokesperson for the mayor sent an email, saying: “While Mayor Hancock has always been forthright in sharing he could not, in good conscious, sign the bill to overturn Denver’s pit bull ban, he has also been very clear he supported putting this decision in the hands of Denver voters.”

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