Denver The Guilty Dog Strikes Again! This Time, He’s Caught Red-Faced!

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Denver has become famous for her mischief, and the mischief continues to take on a life of its own. This time, Denver is caught red-handed, or in this case red-faced in the act. The video begins to show the beautiful labrador retriever lying on the couch, looking a bit upset. It didn’t take long to discover why she was so upset. That’s because it looked like Denver absolutely devoured Christmas tree foam balls. You might think that it was just bad dog food that she could have eaten. However, those teeth do not lie! Those teeth are the most extreme tint of pink/red I have ever seen, and I’m not talking about the gums.

Her Golden Retriever family member you can tell wants no part of those tree foam balls. I’m sure the owner wants to be mad, but with Denver’s adorable smile, I’m sure he can’t be mad for long!

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