Due To A Deformity, They Wanted To Euthanize Her. Then She Found Someone Who Wouldn’t Give Up On Her

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Lily the lamb was a runt of a three-lamb litter. She was so scrunched up in her mother’s womb that she was born with deformed legs. Due to her deformity, the vet thought it would be best to put her down, but a woman named Janell Jensen did not want to give up on her.

Facebook: For The Love Of Lily, The Lambikin

Facebook: For The Love Of Lily, The Lambikin

Jeansen took Lily in and took very good care of her. Despite her deformed legs, she was still able to walk and jump on all fours. But as she grew, it became harder and harder; her little legs couldn’t support her weight anymore. At this point, vets again thought Lily should be euthanized, but Jensen never even considered it. Instead, Jensen got Lily a little wheelchair to help her get around. Watch how adorable she is in the video below:

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