Tiny Deer Goes For A Morning Skip Along The Beach

Dave Mott was walking his dog one morning on the beach at Whitecliffe Park in the U.K, when he noticed a little deer standing in the mud. The ska deer was walking across the muddy flats, and Dave decided to take out his camera. The sun was rising, which made the photo even more beautiful.

But what was supposed to be a unique, gorgeous photo turned into a cute, funny video. Once he got out his camera, the tiny deer began hopping across the mud flats. These hops are known as “slotting,” which is when an animal has all four feet leaving the ground at the same time; usually animals use this technique to escape predators, but it seems this little guy is just having fun! Mott began filming and got the whole thing on tape. Watch the tiny deer in the video below. I dare you to watch it without smiling!

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