Office Kittens Named Debit And Credit Are Raising Employee Morale With Their Crazy Antics

Kittens make everything more fun, especially work.

Companies want their employees to be happy and enjoy coming to work, so they try and make the workplace somewhere everyone can relax. A transportation company in Ohio decided to hire two new furry members to their finance/IT department in hopes of boosting employee morale. Two rescue kittens named Debit and Credit made their debut in the office and everyone fell in love.

The brother and sister kittens immediately started to explore their new home and naturally found things to play with. Most employees are hired for their phone, organization and customer service skills, but these kittens were hired to just be themselves.

While employees are hard at work, the kittens set off to find things to play with. As the employees are finding out, many office supplies double as toys. The kittens have of course found the rolls of toilet paper and the plethora of empty boxes to play with.

They are attempting to improve their skills by playing with the phone. A video was posted with the caption, “We haven’t quite mastered answering the phones yet. We’re working on it!”

When the pair are not entertaining employees with their crazy antics, they cuddle up for a nap on a desk or a lap of an employee.

It is impossible not to smile or laugh when you see kittens play. They remind us to find joy in the simple things – like boxes. Debit and Credit have not only raised the morale of employees in the office, but made the day of people around the world.

A video was first posted by one of the employees on Reddit featuring the two felines playing in an empty paper box, and it went viral. The dynamic duo now have their own Instagram page for people to enjoy.

What better way to get through the midday slump than watching kittens play?!

While this may not work in all offices, they are valued team members that make the workday a little less stressful. People cannot get enough of the adorable kittens but wonder how staff gets any work done. Share this to help inspire other companies to ‘hire’ shelter cats.

Watch the video that made them famous.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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