This Cat’s Advice On A New Pup In The House Is Scarily Accurate!

This cat is filled with age-old wisdom and he has no trouble sharing his words of wisdom with his little kitten friend. This time those words are  about a very delicate subject… a new pup being brought into the home.

In his “Dear Kitten” video, this cat warns his tiny friend of all the strange things that a dog does. He informs kitten of a dogs’ behavior in very accurate detail. And the things he isn’t quite sure of, the assumptions this cat makes are hilarious. Despite all the warnings, this cat does tell his protege not to fret because dogs do make good companions… for the humans, that is. Though he does admit to kitten that he doesn’t mind some puppy cuddling.

Even though this is a Friskies commercial sponsored by BuzzFeed, the interactions between cat, kitten, and pup will leave you laughing.

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