Deaf Man Instantly Fell In Love With Deaf Puppy That Was Overlooked For Being ‘Different’

Emerson, a 6-week-old puppy, faced some challenges early in life. He was born deaf and then started having seizures, and developed Parvo. While the odds were against him, the little warrior survived and all he wanted was a loving home.

North Florida Rescue of Maine, a foster based rescue that saves dogs from high kill shelters in Northern Florida and re-homes them in Maine, took in Emerson and his litter mates to find loving homes for them. All of the puppies were adopted except Emerson, because he was “different”.

Photos: Facebook/NFR Maine

The rescue turned to Facebook to try and find Emerson a forever home. They posted, “All of his siblings have been adopted and he is left wondering why no one wants to give him a forever home. He wants everyone to know that even though he may be deaf, he is still an AMAZING little pup with SOO much love to give! All he wants in the whole wide world is to be someones companion!”

Photos: Facebook/NFR Maine

Nick Abbott knew the moment he read about Emerson that he was the perfect dog for him, because he is also deaf. “Nick said he was interested in meeting Emerson because they would understand each other, being that they both share the same hearing difficulties. ( I know, all your hearts are melting right now like mine did!) When Nick and his Mom walked into the house to meet Emerson, Emerson made a direct line for Nick and sat at his feet. That’s all it took. I was sold that this was fate, and these 2 belonged to each other,” wrote the rescue.

Emerson finally got the fairy tale ending he deserved. The two are inseparable and Nick has taught Emerson sign language. Emerson now sits whenever Nick signs the letter S. He even lays down when his dad draws a straight line with his hands.

Photo: Facebook/NFR Maine

Whitney Sinclair of the NFR Maine said this is one of her favorite rescue stories. “This will be the story I tell people when they ask “Why/how can you foster like that” That question has A LOT of answers, but the easiest is love. I do it for the love of dogs, for the love of the look on an adopters face when they meet their new pup for the first time and fall completely in love. For the love of knowing that these sweet babies will never have to go through what they have been through again. The love of a dog will change your world, and I get to witness that love on an almost weekly basis.”

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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