Deaf Minnesota Man Risks His Own Life To Save A Deer From Drowning In An Icy River!

A deaf man from Minnesota risked his own life to save a deer from drowning in the icy Kettle River by doing the incredible…

Peterson said he was driving by the Kettle River in Northern Pine County when he saw something in the distance. He pulled up so he could get a closer look, and what he saw send chills down his spine. It was a deer struggling to survive in the icy waters. Peterson stated that he felt obligated to help her and normally would have called 911, but he feared that since he was deaf, communication problems would prolong the rescue.

So, he did what any true hero would do and took matters into his own hands. Even with the ice being thin and the weather brutally cold, Peterson risked his own life by doing the incredible to save another. Find out exactly what he did by watching the video below and make sure to SHARE his heroic efforts!

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