They Weren’t Sure If This Deaf Dog Would Ever Get Adopted, But Then She Met Her Perfect Match

Rosie the pit bull faces challenges that other shelter dogs don’t. Rosie, who was at Central Nebraska Humane Society, is deaf and cannot follow verbal commands like most dogs. Instead, staff at the humane society have trained Rosie to communicate and understand sign language.

It didn’t take long before Rosie learned all of the basic commands. Once she was able to communicate, Rosie finally broke out of her shell. Now it would be a waiting game for Rosie, who was awaiting her forever home. She needed someone who could communicate with her in sign language, and the shelter was unsure if they’d ever find someone who would be a good fit for her.

Enter Cindy Koch. Koch has always wanted a deaf dog. She is also deaf and wanted a pup who she could relate to. The cook family already knows sign language, so learning Rosie’s signs is easy, and they plan to teach her more. They’re a perfect match! Thank goodness Rosie found her forever home!

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