From Day 1 to Day 60: An Adorable Rescued Puppy Grows Up Before Your Eyes!

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Orphaned puppies often don’t stand much of a chance of making it on their own after they have lost their mother. They rely on kind souls to spot them and find either a shelter or a home that can provide the things the little canine will need to survive and live a happy life. This adorable puppy must have a guardian angel because that is exactly what happened to him!!

Some very kindhearted individuals rescued this orphaned pup from the sidewalk they found him on. They loved the little guy so much, they couldn’t bear to part with him! (Who could?!?) As luck would have it for us, the loving owners documented the first 60 days of the cute canine’s life to see how he would grow and change, and boy does he get big!! (And oh so fluffy!!!) Watch as the teeny tiny pup outgrows his stuffed tiger toy and becomes even cuter in the process!

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